Back again

Sorry for the quiet period; our second daughter was born on the 1st of July and… well… it’s been kinda hectic, even if I have been on paternity leave for this whole time. Of course, I’m the one getting off easy, since I’m not the one stuck 100% of the time breastfeeding, but instead I’ve been rather busy running errands and keeping our older daughter entertained so as not to make her feel excluded.

What games have I been playing? Not much; gone back to the old fallback, World of Warcraft. Grinding some reps, collecting gear for transmog since patch 7.0 hit; small stuff I can do alone and where it doesn’t matter if I’m suddenly interrupted because my wife needs help with something or some other family issues come up. Patch 7.0 has been fun, though quite the adjustment. The gather transmog stuff part has been especially fun (and saved a lot of bank space, even if I’m still keeping some of the more unique stuff I’ve collected throughout the years, like Rhok’delar and Quel’Serrar (I still count getting my hands on our guild’s first Rhok’delar as the high point of my WoW “career”)). Getting used to the new skills has been a bit of a hurdle (so far only tried on my DKs), but made easier by the fact that there simply are so much fewer of them (for better or worse). Other changes in 7.0? Probably a lot, but these are the ones that have effected me the most.

Beyond that I recently downloaded Pokemon Go (first pokemon game for me (go Team Mystic!)) and while I’m not a huge fan, it’s been enough to give me this little extra push I needed to go for some longer walks. The game is fun, but rather flawed. First of all, you have to keep your screen always on, which is areal killer on the batteries. Secondly, there’s as of yet no android wear support for it (the app doesn’t push normal notifications when pokemon are nearby, but rather only vibrates), not sure if this is just something they’ll get to eventually, or an attempt to force people to buy the accessories they produce. Still hoping there’ll be a wear app, but not holding my breath. We’ll see how long this game will manage to keep my interest…

As for movies; haven’t been to see anything at the cinema since Warcraft (hmm, maybe I should write a post about that…), not much tempting me to go this summer (Ghost Busters and new Independence Day? No thank you…). Looking forward to some movies this fall though; Suicide Squad (new trailer), Dr Strange, new Star Wars and Magic Beasts and where to find them to name a few. Also really looking forward to more Marvel shows on Netflix (Comic-Con had teasers or trailers for Luke Cage (coming really soon), Iron Fist and Defenders, and also promised us a 3rd season of Daredevil). Also a teaser for Ghost Rider appearing in season 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and a 2 minute trailer for American Gods (wow, just wow).

Now I’m off to watch more Comic-Con trailers (great that they’ve finally admitted that they’ll leak anyways and started releasing them to everyone), ’til next time!

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  1. I merely ran Pokemon Go and caught one conspicuously placed right in my kitchen. I’m probably way too lazy to be obsessed by this game.

    Have you seen Stranger Things just uploaded to Netflix? I’ve seen about half the season about now (I believe there’s only 8 episodes) and it’s an odd mix of Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, Poltergeist, The Goonies and a lot of other 80’s stuff. The ironic thing is that I went in expecting to hate the kids, but they’ve actually turned out to be the best part of the show. I lost a lot for Winona Ryder; her overacting is really grating.

    • Aunion

      Yeah, you get the first Pokemon “for free”, you get a pick of one of the standard starter Pokemon (charizard bulbasaur or squirtle (had to google the names) or a pikachu if you get tricky). I’m not really taking walks to play the game, the game just adds this gamification element to walking which makes it a bit more fun.

      Haven’t looked at Stranger Things yet; gotta admit my expectations (and reason for not starting on it) are quite similar to yours; not all that keen on watching a show focused round a group of kids (never was a big fan of the goonies, though that might have something to do with me watching it for the first time as an adult), but if you say the show proved these misgivings wrong, maybe I’ll give it a shot at some point.

  2. The kids actually play all right and have some fun quips among them, and the old style synthesizer music is awesome. Unfortunately there’s a lot of other more or less annoying stuff in the series to drag it down, however – teenage angst, school mocking, uninteresting teenage love, no one believes him/her and thinks he/she is just totally bonkers, etc.

    But at least check out an episode to see the intro credits sequence, it’s endearingly retro.

    • Aunion

      Watched Stranger Things over the weekend, was good, but like you said, had an unnecessary portion of “teenage angst”, “school mocking” (bullying) and “uninteresting teenage love”. Kinda wish the monster had eaten some more of those teenagers…

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