My blog 2 – The Quickening

Well, been a bit over a week since my first blog post and so I guess it’s time to post again. Been busy with this and that… and a little bit more of this… but now I’ve got a few minutes, so let’s start covering my experiences since last time.

Last weekend was a kind of movie weekend (inspired by the Academy Awards), I watched 3 different movies; Up in the Air, It’s Complicated and Julie & Julia. Up in the Air was a good movie, part serious, part comedy, all good… really enjoyed that one. It’s Complicated was more of a pure comedy and a great one at that. It’s good to see Steve Martin again and it’s always nice to see Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep. Talking of Alec Baldwin, I’ve really enjoyed seeing him in 30 Rock, a show I just recently discovered. Julie & Julia was… good. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, it was a nice movie… but it suffered a bit from being over-hyped. Oh… and tonight I watched Pixar’s Up, which I really enjoyed :).

So… on the game front I started out playing a bit of the now free Dungeons and Dragons Online. Well… free with premium purchases you can buy and I can definitely vouch for those services bringing in the revenue just as well as a monthly fee; found myself buying access both to 32 point builds and the monk class immediately. Neither is essential for playing, but… it’s what I wanted to do, so… :p. Spend my time in the game with a friend (let’s call him Mr Alpha since that’s the name he generally goes by on this kind of sites), doing all the “noobie island” dungeons on every difficulty from normal to elite. It’s a nice system, with every quest being an instance in itself, gives them a bit more of a story feeling than the typical “find and kill 20 tigers” stuff in most MMOs. Once away from the “noobie island” we decided to take a short break; with a free to play MMO you don’t need to feel stressed to play all the time to get the most of it, you can play a little now and then, whenever you want :).

Me and Mr Alpha also started off on the Warhammer 40 000: Dawn of War II campaign on Primarch difficulty. The first time I played through it I just took the basic normal difficulty and blasted through it at ease, but primarch really offers a nice challenge. We have to keep coordinating our attacks and Cyrus the scout who was rather worthless on normal since he’s quite low on direct damage is suddenly one of the best units to have around. Really enjoying the campaign and can’t wait to get to the Chaos Rising campaign (you get to keep your original team from the first campaign ^^)

What have I done other than that? Not much, but something ;). I’ve played a bit of Dragon Age: Origins, trying to complete the campaign with a human noble so I can become king ;). Also purchased the Awakening expansion… can’t wait to try that out when I’m done with my 3rd playthrough of the original campaign (city elf rogue, human mage, human noble). I’ve also stumbled into a really addictive iPhone app called Angry Birds, seen the movie Percy Jackson & the Olympains: The Lightning Thief (the name’s a mouthful and the movie’s nothing spectacular, but better than I expected and quite enjoyable) and received my new creative headset, which is the most comfortable and Awesome headset I’ve ever owned.

That’s all for now, be back in a week (or more or less… you never know :p).

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